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Scholarship Schemes (Batch 2021-23)


Basic Eligibility Criteria

  • •    The candidate must apply through Sri Balaji University, Pune’s online admission process.
  • •    The candidate must clear SBUP’s selection process (GD, PI and Essay).
  • •    Interested and eligible students may apply for one or more scholarships separately by clicking on the below links before the stipulated date and time.

Prof. M.S. Pillai Memorial Scholarship

A small write up about the Prof. M.S. Pillai Memorial Scholarship by our beloved Founder-Chancellor, Professor Dr. (Col.) A Balasubramanian in his golden words -

“Prof. M.S. Pillai was an innovator and an extraordinary professor and management educationist. He was a genius, known for bold initiatives in management education. I happen to be one of his blessed students. After my retirement from the army when I came to Symbiosis, Prof. M.S. Pillai was leaving for a Kerala based institute. But soon he came back to start SCMHRD while I was running SIMS. There was a healthy collaboration between us and we complemented each other, resulting in growth, both for ourselves as well as our students.

Prof. M.S. Pillai introduced meditation and Vipassana as compulsory subjects for his management students. He also mentored many corporate leaders. He was a good learner and a great teacher, totally devoted to his students. He was a kindhearted but tough disciplinarian. An excellent counsellor. Thousands of students have benefited from his training and guidance. Above all Prof Pillai was known for his humility and humanity. He was a role model and as his disciple and chancellor of SBUP it is my duty to cherish his memory through the Prof. M. S. Pillai Memorial Scholarship.”

Selection Process for Prof. M.S. Pillai Memorial Scholarship

A committee comprising of industry experts who were students of Prof. M.S. Pillai and representatives of the Sadhana Educational & Empowerment Foundation will nominate two students for this scholarship.

Fee Structure for M.S. Pillai Memorial Scholarship

It is a complete free-ship program, as detailed in the chart below.

Note : You can apply for scholarship by clicking here post 29th June 2021

Sri Venkateswara Scholarship

A total of 12 students (3 each from 4 institutes) are eligible to avail this scholarship.

Selection Process for Prof. M.S. Pillai Memorial Scholarship

A committee comprising of University officials headed by the Vice Chancellor will nominate the students for this scholarship. One of the main criteria for selection would be the socio- economic background of the students.

Fee Structure for Sri Venkateswara Scholarship

50% of the academic fee will be granted as scholarship to these students.

Note : You can apply for scholarship by clicking here post 29th June 2021

Prof. M.S. Pillai Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is only for the wards of JCOs and other ranks service/ex-servicemen from the Artillery regiments of the Indian Army. Complete academicfee for a total of 8 students (4 boys and 4 girls) will be coming paid this scholarship by SBUP.

The Director-General of Artillery, Delhi has sent an official notification to all the 6 HQs of various artillery centers – HQ Southern comd. (arty), (HQ South-Western comd. (arty), HQ Eastern comd. (arty), HQ Western comd. (arty), HQ Northern comd (arty) and HQ Central comd (arty) – announcing the scholarship.

Selection Process for Grateful GNR Scholarship

The eligible candidate’s parents must obtain a recommendation letter from their respective HQ and submit the same to the institute along with an application. If there are many applications, merit will be the criteria for selecting the top 8 students, by a university committee.

Fee Structure for Grateful GNR Scholarship

Complete academic fee is waived off under this scholarship.

Note : You can apply for scholarship by clicking here post 29th June 2021

Scholarship / Free-ship Chart for the Batch 2021-23

S.No Name of Scholarship Refundable caution deposit BSBT fee Academic / other fee Total fee payable for 2 years Stipend (Per Month) No. of Scholar ship(s)
1 Prof. M.S. Pillai Memorial Scholarship 10,000 - - 10,000 5,000 2
2 Grateful GNR Scholarship 10,000 85,000 25,000 1,20,000 - 8
3 Sri Venkateswara Scholarship 10,000 85,000 4,52,500 5,47,500 - 12
  • •    The list of eligible students who are finally selected for this scholarship will be declared on or before 18th July/ The completion of admission process.
  • •    The decision of the scholarship selection committee would be the final.
  • •    Supporting documents from the competent government authority will be scrutinized by the scholarship selection committee and if found incorrect, the scholarship facility will be withdrawn and the next eligible student will be considered.
  • •    Therefore,it’s a request that the needy students should apply.
  • •    If the student/s paid the initial fees and subsequently selected for the scholarship the surplus amount paid (If any) will be refunded or otherwise the candidate can cancel the admission as per the rules.

Note : You can apply for scholarship by clicking here post 29th June 2021